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The cleaning and disaster recovery experts at ServiceMaster Clean® Mid-South Restoration are here for you. Whether you need your upholstery cleaned, your floors maintained or your home or business restored after a disaster, ServiceMaster Clean® is a name you can trust in the Clarksville, TN, area. With more than 50 years of experience, we’re a leader in cleaning and disaster recovery services, both residential and commercial.

Fire and Water Disaster RecoveryDisaster Restoration and Recovery

When disaster strikes, ServiceMaster Restore® is here with disaster restoration and recovery services to help you recover as fast as possible. Disasters come in many forms – fires, floods, storms. We understand the uncertainty you face with that kind of damage in your home or business. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with fast service to prevent additional damage to your property. From fire mitigation and trauma cleanup to mold remediation and construction services, our cleaning and disaster recovery professionals will do the job right or we’ll do it over. Disaster restoration and recovery by ServiceMaster Restore® gives you the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Residential Cleaning in Clarksville, TN

Residential Cleaning Services in Clarksville TN
ServiceMaster Clean® Mid-South Restoration is one of the most trusted names in residential cleaning. We’re part of an international company that prides itself on developing local relationships. We live right here in the communities where we work, communities like Clarksville, TN, and the surrounding areas. And we value the same things you value – family and home. Regular professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning extends the life of your fabrics and removes the dust mites, pet dander and microscopic organisms you don’t even see. Count on our residential cleaning services to give your house the deep cleaning it needs to be the beautiful, healthy home you want for your family.

Commercial Cleaning in Clarksville, TN

Commercial Cleaning in Clarksville TN

Dependable. Trustworthy. Conscientious. When it comes to your commercial cleaning needs, you want a company that values the same things you do in your business. That’s ServiceMaster Clean® Mid-South Restoration. In fact, our standards are so high that we set the standards in the cleaning and disaster recovery industry. From air duct cleaning to floor maintenance and everything in between, you can trust our commercial cleaning services. Because when your business looks good, so do we.

Water Damage: What NOT to do

  • Do not enter! Don’t head into a room with standing water until the power has been shut off.
  • Drop the Dyson. Don’t use your household vacuum to suck up water.
  • Don’t lift carpets that are tacked down without professional help.
  • Power it down! Don’t use any electrical appliances on those wet floors and carpets. We’re talkin’ life and death here…
  • See mold? Don’t interfere with visible that fungi.

Fire & Smoke Damage: What NOT TO DO

  • Don’t touch anything! The oils from your own hands and skin can cause even more damage.
  • Don’t wash the walls – Keep ’em like they are! A pro will clean without compounding soot residue.
  • The carpets… the upholstered furniture… guess what? Dont attempt to clean those either.
  • Don’t turn the power on your electrical appliances until they’ve been checked.
  • Don’t use any ceiling fixtures if it’s wet.

Vandalism: What NOT TO DO

  • Don’t bother with usual household cleaners on carpets, fabrics or upholstery.
  • Don’t try to get chemical stains out – this includes ink or paint.
  • Don’t turn on or use any damaged electric devices or equipment.

Mold: DOs and DON'Ts

  • Get some air flowin.’ Ramp up the ventilation.
  • Keep the humidity low.
  • Don’t disturb the mold – or even the material it’s growing on.
  • Save the bleach for your whites! It can feed mold and make things worse.
  • And DO call ServiceMaster Clean and speak to a mold remediation specialist.